Facebook Helps With Return on Investment

When drawing people to your exhibit is required, Facebook still delivers a strong ROI

If a business knows what they’re doing, Facebook ads and/or boosted posts can help bring a strong Return on Investment when it comes to advertising anything from a sale, product launches and events.

Recently I helped a friend of mine work their Fall Festival event at their nursery. I had the burden of having to pour complimentary beer for folks enjoying the festive Fall weather at this event chocked full of games for the kids, a maze, music, a petting zoo and, of course, all of the great plants they have in and around the nursery.

OK, it wasn’t a burden, but you probably already figured that out. I seriously enjoy interacting with with people, especially kids, and this was a perfect opportunity to re-hone those skills I was born with, as I don’t often get to do this anymore.

And yes, these are friends of mine I was helping out but they are also former clients.  Anderson Social Media Solutions built them a website many years ago and we also created their Facebook page and managed it for a number of years. After years of building a very solid foundation they took over the day to day management and have been rocking it ever since. They are a perfect case study of how a small business, with a limited marketing budget, can use the power of Facebook to engage with their current and future customers by answering questions and providing outstanding content on a daily basis. Because of their consistent attention to their Facebook page, there were thousands and thousands of people that walked through their gates over the 3 day event and this nursery will be front of mind for those thousands of people the next time they need a tree, shrub or just some sound gardening advice. And that might be as soon as this Christmas holiday season when they sell holiday items!

But on the other side of the coin there was a conversation I had, with a vendor who makes one of a kind products with metal, that I found interesting. He seemed disappointed about the business he was doing. When I asked how his Facebook page is doing (as I quite often ask business owners) he said, “Oh, I’m not on Facebook”. I don’t need that garbage.” It might be noted that the buy in for a vendor for this festival was $50. That’s what it cost him to participate as a vendor to this event. Fifty bucks. He said he barely made that back. I also found it curious that when I walked around the event, visiting with vendors and just taking in the event festivities, I noticed this particular person had his nose in a book. This is an “Event 101” no-no! Yes, he was of an older generation but I hear this same generation talk about how kids are always on their phone. Is this really any different?

Anyway, the reason I am writing this post is to show contrasting results of those who use Facebook for their business correctly and those who don’t. And by don’t I also mean, not at all. Every business should have a Facebook page. Period. Regardless of your opinions on security and data breach and the likes, your BUSINESS should have a Facebook page. It is still one of the best marketing tools available for any sized business, including small businesses.  This nursery selected their target audience, created a detailed advertising campaign to get people interested in the event, and then used cleaver branding to keep their business top of mind. And because of the strong following they have, they spend under $100 on Facebook ads because of how many “Shares” they got from people who have “Liked” their page and had a reach of (get this), over 70,000 people!

So I ask you, still not on Facebook? Why not?

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